Meet The Investee Companies

Business Description
iix-logo IIX (International Internet Exchange)
IIX is global interconnection company that is Virtualizing the Core of the Internet™. The IIX PeeringCloud™ platform enables enterprises to bypass the public Internet and directly connect to the Content Providers, Cloud Application Providers, and trading partners that are important to their business.
Imx-Logo Imagistx
Imagistx has developed an ultra-high resolution ultrasound system that provides significant improvements in detecting prostate cancer (as per initial Clinical Study by Johns Hopkins). The system will be sold to private practice urologists, hospitals and imaging centers. Imagistx is now running a multi-site 960-patient clinical study that will statistically prove the superiority of the system against the standard of care and drive up adoption.
iwatchlife-logo iWatchlife
iWatchlife deliver personalized video monitoring cross-platform including smartphone, tablet, PC, Samsung Smart TV (Android, iOS, Windows). They are a premium partner with the new Samsung SmartCam™ which includes an inside-the-box promotion of iWatchLife. The company’s advanced algorithms (zones) ensure you record only what is important. 4 of our 20 filed patents focus on video analytics in the cloud. Competing products record EVERYTHING making them bandwidth hogs.
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Assistant is a leading provider of cloud-based EAM/CMMS solutions to businesses of all size all over the world and in 10 languages. Over 20,000 businesses and individual users worldwide have already experienced how Maintenance Assistant CMMS efficiently handles corrective, preventive, condition-based and scheduled maintenance for equipment and assets. It solves the challenges of securely capturing, accessing, sharing and backing up critical maintenance data and know-how.
Memex Logos-option1 Astrix Networks Inc., operating as Memex Automation (TSX-V: OEE)
Memex Automation (TSX-V: OEE), provides award-winning software to measure Machine to Machine (M2M) productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real-time. MERLIN (Manufacturing Enterprise Real-time Lean Information Network) generates OEE metrics for each machine in every plant. MERLIN is used by leading machine tool companies as a complete shop floor communications platform.
loop Photech Environmental/Loop Paint
Photech Environmental Solutions is a privately owned industrial and residential waste management and environmental services company. Photech works with industry leaders in the automotive, printing, cleaners/ solvents, and general manufacturing as well as school boards, municipalities and provinces to provide environmental products and services. Loop is the recycled paint brand of waste collector and recycler Photech Environmental Solutions located in St. Catharines Ontario. They work with Stewardship Ontario and industrial partners to reduce and ultimately eliminate Ontario’s waste paint.
RNA Diagnostics
RNA Diagnostics solves a high priority problem in cancer treatment with the first real time chemotherapy guidance tool. RNA Diagnostics has developed real-time cancer chemotherapy guidance tools. The RNA Disruption Assay (RDA™) is the only diagnostic tool that predicts early in treatment how a patient will respond to chemotherapy. Reduction of unnecessary chemotherapy is a top priority for breast oncologists. RDA™ improves patient outcomes while lowering breast cancer treatment cost.
semios-logo SemiosBio
SemiosBIO provides safe and sustainable pest control solutions. Their biopesticides are based on pheromones, nature’s communication system. With toxic chemical pesticides under increasing scrutiny by the regulators and consumers, there is a growing demand for safer alternatives. The biopesticide market, already at $2B and growing at 15%, is set to take in increasingly larger portion of the $50B pest control market.
SurfEasy-Logo SurfEasy
Online Privacy Solutions for Consumer and SMB. More relevant than antivirus, but the same $20B+ market opportunity. Revenue+, Killer Team. SurfEasy produces consumer focused solutions for today’s online privacy concerns. The company packages and distributes these products through channel partners such as Best Buy, Target, Staples, and the Home Shopping Network.
ultimate-kiosk-logo Ultimate Kiosk
Ultimate Kiosk is the leading hearing screening and advertising choice for the hearing instrument industry… with 3 solutions to meet consumers’ needs. Powerful proprietary and audiologically rigorous software married with state-of-the-art computer and web technology is used to enable three unique devices for educating consumers and, where appropriate, generating qualified referrals for hearing aid manufacturers and dispensers.
vida_logo Vida Holdings
Vida Holdings has developed a unique technology that allows automotive companies achieve increasingly stringent environmental regulations while using reduced amounts of expensive catalysts and lower cost ceramic substrates in addition to improving vehicle fuel economy. Multi-chamber catalytic converter (MCCC) is a plug-and-play technology that allows easy industry adoption. MCCC – the new global standard in automotive emission control – achieves tomorrow’s demanding environmental standards while reducing expensive catalyst usage.
Viafoura is the leading audience engagement platform for premier digital publishers. Their platform adds advanced social functionality to large news and entertainment websites and mobile applications. Through the power of conversation, curation and reward mechanics, Viafoura’s technology builds community and drives key performance metrics such as page views per visit, length of visit, social shares, return visits, interactions per visit & user contributions.